Kejie Pcb offers an efficient and competitve ONE STOP PCB SERVICE.

We value our client's time and efficiency. That's why we have studied and prepared a solution that will go above the production of the circuit.

Process: PCB fabrication, SMT with components of your choice, testing, packaging and finally shipping. This is our All in one PCB solution.

Headache free.

If you need a complete PCB service, One Stop PCB package is our best choice.

Try it now. Contact us today.

Quick turn prototype PCB Assembly

Short Run Low – Mid volume project

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Kejie Pcb is able to deliver assembly services through its assembly contractor partners.

Manufacturing low to mid volume projects, as well as our multi tier pricing rates – we are able to support you from your design prototype level up to final production run.

In our continuous strive to deliver 100% working boards, you'll have the option to send us the components to be mounted or we can source them for you.

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