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Why buy your printed circuit boards from us?

10 reasons that you should use Kejiepcb as your reliable PCB partner in China.

Long track records: We have been in business since 1999.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our experience, expertise and strict QA process give us the confidence to do so. We aim for high quality.

Very competitive price: Our innovations in manufacturing keep our productivity high and failure rate low. Our all-digital management process reduces errors as well as manual labor. These ensure our price being very competitive.

On-time delivery

Kejie is a full service provider. Our services include PCB prototype or volume production, PCB Assembly, components, stencil, connectors and enclosure.

Online quote

Real-time production status tracking

24/7 online support.

Low shipping cost, flat shipping and handling fee for PCB orders, no handling fee for PCBA orders

Large in-house stock of parts and components

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  No order is too small…or too large!

  No Tooling charges on new part numbers

  All order files receive detailed CAM file review

  No early cutoff time

  "Live" salespersons for personalized contact.

  INSTANT printed circuit board quotes, orders & status

24hr Hotline



For US customers: +1.424.239.5007

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